Farm Field

Youth in Philanthropy


First Grants totalling $2500.00 were awarded to the following organizations:

$750 – Elkhorn School Band

$750 – Elkhorn High School Girl’s Volleyball Team – New jerseys

$1000 – Elkhorn Ag Society – New Building Project

Elkhorn & Area Foundation Youth in Philanthropy 2018

Elkhorn School’s Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) group has taken a huge step forward. The Thomas Sill Foundation has committed to provide $3,500.00 per year for the next three years to our local YIP group. This agreement provides $2,500.00 for YIP to grant in the Elkhorn area, and $1,000.00 for expenses and contributions to a new Elkhorn & Area Foundation endowment fund to be set up specifically for YIP grants. As part of this commitment, the Elkhorn & Area Foundation has also agreed to provide $3,500.00 for a further three years following the Thomas Sill contributions. This six-year support totaling over $20,000 is a great initiative shown by these forward-thinking high school students. Congratulations to this fine group of young people who are making sure that the spirit of philanthropy lives on in our community!

Elkhorn & Area Foundation - Youth in Philanthropy Group

Left to right: Tristen Shiner, Colby Joseph, Shelby Ross, Austin Cousins, Mikayla Frattinger, Dawson Oliver.